Sea turtles in Tobago Cays

Last January (2018) we spent 2 weeks sailing the Caribbean sea and we stayed at Tobago Cays (Southern Grenadines) for some nights. They built a sea turtle sanctuary there and while we were sitting on deck of our boat, we kept on seeing sea turtles coming up to breath and diving down again. This already was so special, since I haven't seen many sea turtles in my life.

this was our view from the boat - somehow surreal, absolutely stunning
We went snorkeling close to the beach you see on the picture above and i kept looking for a turtle for quite a while, seeing nothing but sand and seaweed..

I was about to return back to the boat, when suddenly a sea turtle came up from behind me, swam next to me and swam with me for some time, and i believe she was looking at me.. maybe she (or he?) just had the same way, or maybe she just wanted to swim next to me for a while.. it was such a precious moment, it felt so unreal. She found me, not the other way around! She chose to swim next to me. I could not believe how lucky I was!
I somehow wished that I had the go-pro with me.. of course I didn't, my boyfriend had it, but that way i was free to just feel and enjoy this amazing moment. These creatures are so wise and beautiful, so mystical and so friendly.
Remembering this moment makes my heart so full of love and motivates me to do everything in my power to help every animal in danger in our oceans.
I went back the following day and took some videos of another turtle, i will upload them soon on my youtube channel. 

Sea Shepherds Operation Jairo helps the Sea Turtles already, please support Sea Shepherd if you can because they spend the money on what really matters: into anything necessary to help the oceans. They don't spend more money than needed into administrative things and they don't spend it on adverts. 
Read more on Operation Jairo here on the Sea Shepherd Page

this picture is from Athuruga - Maldives