Who is oceans2heal?


My name is Violet, I am from Switzerland and was born on 05. May 1977. 

Since i can remember i am addicted to water. Although it is quite common for girls to love dolphins, i always had some kind of a deeper connection. Over decades dolphins joined me in my dreams, sometimes only twice a year, but sometimes several times per month. I am not sure why, maybe it was my deep connection to the oceans and its animals or they just knew i needed them. The dolphins  helped me to survive the darker years in my life and now i would like help them in return. 

My heart jumps when i encounter whales, sea turtles, sharks and dolphins, i could spend hours just snorkeling and watching them, and it breaks when i see all the suffering we cause them. We need to do everything in our power to save our oceans and its wildlife, since the ocean is what keeps us alive. And because it's just not right how we treat nature and animals - and how we treat us.


Beside my passion for dolphins and the oceans, i work as a system-engineer and beside this nearly full time job i work as a photographer. (you can find the link to my photography website in the gallery section). If I'm not working we go sailing on the lake of Zurich or somewhere else on this beautiful planet and i love to practice all kind of water sports (swim, free dive, kite-surf, SUP, and so on). And as if there was any time left to do something else, i put a lot of time and money into my own growth - the next workshop i will attend to is the "week long advanced retreat" with Dr. Joe Dispenza, coming up in March 2019. 

My dream is to help saving our oceans - to sail around the world and help wherever we are and however we can - and this is why i created oceans2heal.com. We can make it with your help. To support our cause you can either donate money or when we're out there spend your holidays with us.

some fun facts: I believe in unicorns ;) and i fall asleep every night to the sound of rain and thunder - the sound of rain makes me feel so comfortable since i had been to the rainforest in Bali, where it rained every afternoon for an hour before the sun came back out and steam started to rise - see the picture on the right. (we aren't mentioning the mosquitos that started to attack right after the rain :p)

if you would like to know more about me, feel free to contact me

thanks for reading