My mission is to help saving our oceans

One of the biggest problems our oceans have is that they look beautiful. The water is blue and we mostly don’t see what’s underneath. Pictures often show perfect beaches that remind us of paradise. What we don’t see is how much the oceans have changed over the last years. That there is an immense decrease in wildlife, the ecosystem has severely changed and some beaches (and parts of the ocean) are entirely covered in plastic trash. We need to do everything we can to bring our oceans back to balance, since they supply the earth with 70% of the oxygen we breathe. Not to mention all the animals close to extinction, killed by eating plastic or as a side effect of industrial fishing (or by industrial fishing).

The purpose of oceans2heal is to bring awareness to the people in a gentle way, by showing the beauty of our world and its actual state and by delivering solutions on what can be done to help. It will at first act as an informational platform and will help to raise money for organizations that are already working actively on saving the oceans, like, and, etc.. unfortunately  SeaShepherd had be removed from the list, because sadly some parts of seashepherd are not actively working for our oceans anymore.

Later on, when we are out there sailing the oceans as well, we will do everything in our power to help wherever we are – and then you will be able to come sailing with us and at the same time support our cause and experience the beauty of our oceans yourself.

Because we have oceans to heal. Fast.